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Bearing Temperature Monitoring Sheet

Keep accurate and consistent bearing temperature readings allowing you to monitor for premature failure.

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Motor Frame Dimensions and Sizes by Horsepower and Speed

In the tables, you will see the 3 different times that these standardized Frame sizes were revised to take advantage of motor technology and materials improvements which basically allowed for a reduction in physical sizes of the motors for the same horsepower, speed, and enclosure.

As seen in our Knowledge base section, Size Matters. These tables will also help you determine the correct sizing of motors and frames.

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Motor Repair Guidelines for Maintaining Efficiency

EASA, a respected association, published stringent guidelines to adhere too in the motor rebuild process. Reed has long followed these guidelines.

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Effects of Repair/Rewinding on Motor Efficiency

Myths put out by folks trying to sell new motors instead of repairing have long clouded the facts. Because Reed does both Repair and New Motor Distribution, we have no vested interest in misrepresenting the issue. Reed's only concern is to do what is best for the customer - either Repair or Replace with New - so the customer continues to come back.

Fact: A motor rewound to EASA & Green Motors Practice Group standards DOES NOT reduce motor efficiency.

This study gives you the facts to make an educated decision.

Commutators: Diagnose Comm Conditions

Helwig has developed drawings showing what a good commutator should look like as well as what comms with problems look like. Helwig has also described specific fault causes for each of the problem comms so you will know where to go to resolve the root cause. Brush Spring Tension tolerances are also provided for different applications. (Be sure to use the Zoom Tool to enlarge the graphics and text)

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(Helwig is a major supplier of carbon brushes and a well-respected authority on commutators and brushes.)

Brute Force !

To combat broken shafts & waste in bad pulley setups, the Experts at US Motors have developed this Service Bulletin. US developed this training after countless investigations of real-world catastrophic failures - save yourself the heartache of waste... we can't tell you how many times the wrong answer to squealing/slipping belts has resulted in Brute Force broken shafts!

It may sound weird, but a common Fish Scale (ya, you read it right--a scale to weigh fish) is a tool to check the RIGHT belt-tension. Contact Reed for this "fishy" story.

Our thanks to the engineer Jim Bryan at US Warranty for this Bulletin.

Rx for Moisture !

The engineers at US Motors have provided us with a 2nd in our featured series of Service Bulletins. We thank Ben Biondi of US (and you will too).

If you have motors that:

    Are open-drip proof designs outside
    Run all day - sit all night
    Continually come up with low-megohms
    Trip on ground fault occasionally

Then this article will be your prescription for relief!

Misalignment: "It's only money"

How often have the following sentences cost you money ?

  • Ahh... it's aligned good enough!
  • I aligned per the coupling spec!
  • That Hot-Water Pump was aligned perfect!

See why being sure about your alignment is crucial to your bottom line. ...

Quality Motor Rewinding an Energy Efficiency Measure

The Regional Technical Forum of the Green Motors Practices Group has written a detailed description of the critical measures that must be employed to meet their standards for consideration for their Green Motor Nameplate and Incentive Application.

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