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Reed Balancing

Dynamic Balancing is a part of the rebuild process for electric motors, generators, pumps, and blowers. Onsite balancing of rotating equipment can keep your equipment running like fine music for years.







Motor Basics Training Promo

Quick overview of the new Reed "Motor Basic Training" Seminar available exclusively for Reed customers.
The training lasts about 3 hours and has 3 sections:

  • Motor Basics
  • Motor Types
  • Onsite Testing that Customers or Vendors Can PerformIn addition to the dynamic PowerPoint presentation, each participant will receive a CD full of useful documentation, photos, and charts that they can choose to printout. Mechanical and Electrical Handbooks will also be provided.

This is the first in a series of Customer Training seminars.





New Reed Electric & Field Service Vibration Systems

New high end vibration analyzer and software improves Quality Assurance Program and Field Service. Onsite balancing, vibration analysis, and trending programs. Largest analyzer screen aids technician by presenting a fully detailed spectrum on a far larger display. All software runs inside analyzer saving time by not having to download into another computer to use analysis software. The programs reside on the analyzer itself. Reports can be emailed direct from the analyzer as well!
State of the art - moves vibration analysis into the modern times.





Reed Partners with WEG on Geothermal Project

Reed is honored to have been provided the opportunity to partner with WEG and Ormat to adapt their horizontal motors for a vertical mount application.

320 motors were modified for 3 geothermal power plants in Nevada, Utah, and California.

The adaptations were completed in only 8 days by the Reed Nevada and California Plants.





Nameplate Basics 1

Reed is proud to present a short tutorial on the basic information found in a nameplate.






Motor Types

Reed would like to provide a short introduction to all the many different electric motor types.






New Customer?
All of our new customers enjoy a free onsite troubleshooting and evaluation session with one of our technician's. Contact us today to get started !

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